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Personal Tax Preparation Services in Calgary

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Bohorquez Professional Corporation provides expert personal tax preparation services in Calgary to spare you from the complexities of legal processes and calculations. We navigate the complexities of changing laws and regulations after you provide us with all the details and documents needed to file tax returns.

Our clients rely on us every year to file their personal tax returns in a convenient, accurate, and effective manner. We are excited to introduce you to personalized tax preparation services that are delivered by passionate people who are driven to guard your finances. To hire us or know more about personal tax preparation services in Calgary, contact us today. Additionally, we can provide you with business tax planning and preparation services at your convenience.

Contact us to hire our tax preparation services or to learn more about our commercial services.

About Our Personal Tax Service

At Bohorquez Professional Corporation, our objective is to provide excellent quality service to our customers. We work hard to ensure their tax and accounting needs are met with the high standards a Chartered professional accountant can provide. We share our customer’s goal of minimizing their tax liability and maximizing tax returns, and our main focus is offering a complete package of accurate tax and accounting services.

We have well-experienced and qualified staff providing quality services to handle simple or complex tax situations. Our personal tax preparation services include the following:

  • Personal income tax preparation

  • Online filing of tax returns

  • Support and advice on CRA pre-assessment and reassessment of personal tax returns

  • Personal tax return adjustment preparation and filing

  • Prior year tax preparation from 1990 – 2012

Checklist of Personal Information and Documents Needed to File Personal Tax:

The checklist for filing personal tax includes the following:

Personal information:

Before providing the documents we need for your tax preparation, we will need some personal information as some life changes will impact your income taxes, specifically changes during the filing period. Please contact us at (Phone number, Customer Service email) to request an information form with all the details we will require.


The checklist of documents:

When filing your tax returns every year, you must keep a folder for your tax preparer to put all the slips and receipts. To help you avoid any stress at the last moment, it’s important to double-check all the documents you may need to prepare your personal tax return.

The checklist below provides examples of relevant information:

  • Sign up for your CRA My Account: to make changes like address, if any, and for Notices of Assessment (NOA), we might require.

  • You must hand over employment and other Income slips (T4s, T4As, T5s, T3s, T5008, T4AOAS, T4P…)

  • All the receipts about RRSP, medical, childcare, education, donations, rent…

  • Health plan annual report of the claims to claim what wasn't paid back in case it's an allowable expense.

  • If you have taken specialist treatment abroad, you might be able to claim the costs if you have all the documents showing dates, distance and receipts.

  • Business or rental income and expense documents

  • Property tax, mortgage or disability certificates of self or dependent family members 

  • Student tuition, education loans, and interest documents

Remember that before reaching out to a tax preparation service provider, ensure you have all the documents to hand over to the tax preparer to file your tax return. 

Don’t forget to keep these documents for 6 years post-filing if the CRA chooses to review your return. 

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Tax Preparer

A professional tax preparer knows the right questions to ask to get all the information needed to file your taxes with utmost accuracy. 

The benefits of hiring a Chartered Professional Accountant include the following:

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Saving money

Professional accountants are required to have up-to-date knowledge of existing and proposed tax legislation. They can advise you in regard to new or existing credits and deductions that you might be eligible for, thus helping you minimize your tax burden.

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High accuracy

Tax compliance has grown increasingly challenging to manage amid changing laws and regulations. The cost of omitting an amount or typing the wrong number while filing a tax return can add up quickly with CRA penalties and interest. Our professionals work with high levels of accuracy that can help you avoid costly mistakes when filing your return.

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You can save a lot of time

When you have handed over the tax filings to a professional, you can have peace of mind and save precious time. As a business owner or working professional, the time saved by relying on a tax expert can be spent furthering your goals or relaxing with your family.

Bohorquez Professional Corporation provides professional advice to help you navigate complex tax laws and regulations and deliver accurate personal tax preparation services in Calgary.


The following are some commonly asked questions about our personal tax preparation services in Calgary:

Where Do I Have To Pay Taxes as a Remote Worker?

Your tax arrangement as a remote worker in Canada will depend entirely on whether you're employed (you work for a company) or self-employed (you work for yourself). For the former, you will have to pay taxes in accordance with the regulations of the province your employer is situated in. This taxation situation is fairly complicated for those who are self-employed. You can reach out to our team to learn more.

Which Provincial Tax Rates Do I Have To Abide by if I Work Remotely?

As a remote worker, you will have to abide by the provincial tax rates of the area of your residency.

I Live in Canada and Work Remotely for a U.S. Based Company. How Will I Be Taxed?
As a Canadian worker for a U.S.-based company, you will be taxed on the basis of your worldwide income. You will have to convert your income into Canadian dollars when filing your T1 form.

Our seasoned team can help you with all your queries about personal tax preparation in Calgary. We will assess your unique financial situation and provide you with bespoke services that are tailored to meet your needs. Please contact our team today.

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Why Choose Our Tax Preparation Services?

We are a trusted accounting and tax preparation firm committed to providing individuals with professional tax preparation services in Calgary. Our knowledgeable staff diligently ensures your needs are fulfilled at the highest satisfaction level. They have committed to:

  • Serving clients from start to finish until the task is completed successfully.

  • Work honestly and devote time to finding the best solutions to optimize tax credits and minimize your taxes owing.

  • Share our expert knowledge and information with clients to serve them better.

  • Providing professional personal tax services in Spanish.

Contact Us

Whether you're an individual or a business, Bohorquez Professional Corporation's professional tax accountant can help you file accurate personal taxes and business consultation for sound business advice. 

We also provide business tax, payroll and bookkeeping services in Calgary. ​

Call us for an appointment or any queries.

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