Personal Tax Preparation Services in Calgary

Tax compliance has grown increasingly difficult to manage amid changing laws and regulations. It involves processes and complex calculations that take a lot of time. As your provider for experienced personal tax preparation services in Calgary,Bohorquez Professional Corporation can navigate the complexities of today’s tax laws.


Our clients rely on us every year to file their personal tax returns in a convenient, accurate and effective manner. We are excited to introduce you to personalized tax preparation services that are delivered by passionate people who are driven to guard your finances. To hire us or know more about personal tax preparation services in Calgary, contact us today. We also provide business tax planning and preparation services for commercial organizations in Calgary.


Individual Tax Preparation Services

At Bohorquez Professional Corporation, our objective is to provide excellent quality service to our customers and work hard to ensure their tax and accounting needs are met. With the goal to minimize tax liability through careful management and maximize tax returns, we focus on offering fast and accurate services.


Bohorquez Professional Corporation has an experienced and skilled staff providing quality service that you can always count on. No matter how simple or complex your tax situation is, we are ready to handle it. Our services include:

  • Personal income tax preparation
  • Online filing of tax returns
  • Support and advice on CRA pre-assessment and re-assessment personal tax returns
  • Personal tax return adjustment preparation and filing
  • Prior year tax preparation from 1990 – 2012


Why Should You Hire a Professional Tax Preparer?


Here are some reasons why hiring a professional tax preparer can reap multiple benefits for you:


  • You can save more money: Professionals who help in filing tax know the ins and outs of tax breaks. They can make suggestions regarding tax breaks and deductions that you might be eligible for. These help you to save more money.
  • You can be worry-free: You need not worry about updating tax law changes every time. Professionals are here to handle things for you.
  • High accuracy: You will not end up paying more than what is needed. Professionals calculate accurate tax amounts.
  • You can save a lot of time: When you have handed over the tax filings to a professional, you can be at peace and save time. As business or working professionals, time equals money. You can focus this time on other valuable processes.


What to Look for in a Personal Tax Consultant?

These are just a few of the qualities you want in your professional accountant and tax consultant:


Accountability: Committed to serving clients from start to finish, completing the task successfully.


Integrity: Always acts with honesty and spends time to find ethical solutions to drive

client success.


Passion: Enjoys sharing knowledge with the customers to serve them better.


Why Choose Our Tax Preparation Services?

Bohorquez Professional Corporation is a trusted accounting and tax preparation firm committed to providing individuals with professional tax preparation services in Calgary. Our knowledgeable staff works hard to ensure your needs are met at the highest level.


Personal Income Tax Service in Spanish

Serving Calgary and communities in Southwest Alberta, we offer accurate and reliable information about personal income taxes in Spanish.

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